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Statement by Gorta: Cut to Overseas Aid Budget a Backwards Step

UN Special Rapporteur Says Defeating Hunger Must Remain Our Number One Priority. Gorta has said that the Budget 2014 cut of €19.4 million to the overseas aid budget is a contradiction to the Government’s commitment to development policy.


Gorta and Glenisk Announce Innovative Joint Business Venture in Kenya

At its 2012 World Food Day conference, Gorta announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership with Irish owned company Glenisk. A dairy food processing facility in the Rift Valley in Keringet, Kenya will be at the centre of the partnership.


Co-operating to help most hungry

When it comes to international development, collaboration and co-operation make an effective strategy. NGOs in developing countries should be encouraged to work with small farmers to generate and share their knowledge base. Development as a concept needs


Rising food costs have pushed nearly 70 million more people into extreme poverty

At Gorta's 2011 World Food Day conference in Dublin, Gorta's CEO severely criticised the fact that soaring food prices and food price volatility are yet another factor affecting the world’s most vulnerable. Price increases and food price volatilit


World Champion Katie Taylor Fighting Hunger on Eve of World Food Day 2010

World Boxing Champion Katie Taylor joins Gorta in the fight against hunger.


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